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Photograph of Det. Leslie Dell Montgomery's Warren Commission taken on 03/24/1964 in which Burt Griffin claims that Montgomery got defensive when pressed on whether or not the police had let a non-media individual into the basement of the Dallas…

Diagram of the 4th floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository. Includes markings made by Bonnie Ray Williams during his Warren Commission testimony.

Statement from Bonnie Ray Williams's Warren Commission testimony, which contradicts a statement he made about seeing Oswald in his FBI statement.

Diagram of the 6th floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository. Includes markings made by Bonnie Ray Williams during his Warren Commission testimony, which indicate his location and that of Oswald.

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Sorrels describes his interview with Lee Harvey Oswald

This FBI document, included in Gerald Hill's Warren Commission Folder, deals entirely with the matter of a statement Hill made during his radio interview with Bob Whitten the evening of the assassination. Hill had claimed that it was possible that…

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This visualization, made in Palladio, maps every single social connection in Gerald Hill's Warren Commission KP file. A very dense web of connections, I attempted to place Hill somewhat in the middle and branch out different levels of connections…

Photograph of FBI Agent Robert Frazier looking through the scope of a rifle used to recreate the shooting. The Warren Commission recreated the shooting between May 23, 1965 and May 24, 1965.

WC on Fritz at midnight conference.PNG
Excerpt from the Warren Commission Report regarding Captain Fritz's attendance at a midnight press conference held in the basement of the police department on November 22, 1963.

O'D Escape From Parkland.png
In Volume VII of the Warren Commission Hearings, pages 452-453, Kenneth O'Donnell recounts his decision to flee Parkland with JFK's body - without permission from the hospital.

Hotel Texas Convo.png
In his Warren Commission Hearing Testimony, O'Donnell recalls an assassination discussion with JFK and Jackie on that fateful morning.

O'D - Bubbletop.png
On page 45 of the Warren Commission Report, O'Donnell makes the decision to leave off the bubbletop if the weather is good.

oswald shirt.png
These are two photographs of the shirt that Lee Harvey Oswald was wearing when he was apprehended and arrested inside the Texas Theater. The shirt was an exhibit in the Warren Commission (Exhibit # 150) and is held by the National Archives as a…

This is the entire Warren Commission folder containing Gerald L. Hill's testimony and files pertaining to him, uploaded as one document. It is 104 pages in length - comparably long for a KP folder - and contains a variety of transcriptions and…

Fritz & Curry and WC.png
Dallas Morning News photograph of Chief Jesse Curry, Captain J.W. Fritz, and Warren Commission personnel David Belin and John McCloy in the Dallas Police garage.
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