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WC on Fritz at midnight conference.PNG
Excerpt from the Warren Commission Report regarding Captain Fritz's attendance at a midnight press conference held in the basement of the police department on November 22, 1963.

Curry on Transfer.PNG
Chief of Dallas Police Jesse Curry states that the transfer of Lee Harvey Oswald to the Dallas County Jail was left entirely to the discretion of Captain J.W. Fritz.

Fritz Oswald threat.PNG
On the night of November 23, 1963, a threatening call was received regarding Lee Harvey Oswald's life, according to Captain W.B. Frazier. Frazier requested to Captain Fritz that Oswald be transferred to the Dallas County Jail, but Fritz said theā€¦

Fritz & Curry and WC.png
Dallas Morning News photograph of Chief Jesse Curry, Captain J.W. Fritz, and Warren Commission personnel David Belin and John McCloy in the Dallas Police garage.
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