This website was created by the students of the George Washington University's Digital History course, taught by Dr. Diane Cline. The course's aim is to educate future historians about techniques and tools within the digital humanities, using these files as a pilot project for practice in analyzing primary documents and translating them for web use. We solidly believe in using these digital tools to further the studies of the Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as for consumption and availability to the general public. 

Contributors: Abby Goddard, Cody Bryant, Connor Boggs, Eden Slone, Fabian Larach, Grace Delaney, Hannah Finkel, Hope Gillespie, Jazmin Kay, Joey Bartosic, Neil Rosaker, Rachel Cousins, Ruth Tornell, Sage Polanco, Stephen Brown, Steven Stanton, Sydney Thatcher, Umar Hussain, Victoria Liantonio, and Manuel Fiallos.

Thank you to Amanda French for helping us to create this web page and to the George Washington University for their support of the Digital Humanities.