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Dallas Police Department's records of Jack Ruby's fingerprints initially taken on Nov. 24, 1963 following Ruby's assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of the Dallas Police Department.

The sweater Lee Harvey Oswald was wearing when Jack Ruby shot him in the basement of the Dallas Police Department.. Oswald was being transitioned from the downtown Dallas Police Department to the county jail. The sweater shows a tear in the lower…

Sorrels Newspaper.jpg
A clipping from an unknown newspaper quoting Jack Ruby from an interview with Sorrels

Depicts Lee Harvey Oswald, handcuffed to detective James Leavelle, at the moment Jack Ruby jumped from the crowd and shot Oswald.

Look at parking garages in Downtown Dallas. This ad looks at Nichols Bros. Garage & Rent-a-Car Service at 1320 Commerce. This is later the garage at FBI Key Person, Huey Moses Reeves works during the JFK Assassination and where he helped Jack Ruby…

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Reflections from women at Jack Ruby's Carousel Club. It also concludes that, "If there was a plot to kill the president, 'no way' Ruby was involved, she…
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