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This is a short video depicting both Lee Harvey Oswald's entrance into the Dallas Police headquarters and a brief snippet of an interview Gerald Hill gave to the press shortly after the fact.

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Although his testimony includes the extremely high intensity and action packed events before this point, the last two paragraphs of Youngblood's written testimony contain his account of President Johnson's Oath of Office. He listed who was present,…

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Here is a graphic made in Voyant Tools that highlights the word frequency of the 85 most used terms in Rufus Youngblood's written testimony to the Chief of the Secret Service regarding the events of November 22, 1963. The testimony itself was…

Word 'links' generated from the text of Williams's Key Persons file.

Statement made by William H. Shelley when brought to the Police department following following the assasination.

Photo of William H. Shelley being taken to the police station to give a statement following the assassination.

William Greer's physical description taken down by FBI on 11/23/1963


Fritz Hudkins Hosty and Leavelle on Oswald.mp4
Reporter Lonnie Hudkins, FBI agent James Hosty, and Dallas police officer Jim Leavelle reminisce on when Oswald was taken into police custody.

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On page 45 of the Warren Commission Report, O'Donnell makes the decision to leave off the bubbletop if the weather is good.

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In Volume VII of the Warren Commission Hearings, pages 452-453, Kenneth O'Donnell recounts his decision to flee Parkland with JFK's body - without permission from the hospital.

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In his Warren Commission Hearing Testimony, O'Donnell recalls an assassination discussion with JFK and Jackie on that fateful morning.

Many people who were involved in the President's assassination whether it was the investigation or just being a bystander were affected later in their lives. Many people suffered trauma from this event and it traveled with them till their dying day.…

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Leon Hubert conducted Curry's testimony for the Warren Commission to conduct a full investigation of JFK's assassination. He said that he was in the lead car during the parade with other Secret Service Agents and Dallas PD officers and then heard…


Here in the testimony you can see that Chief Curry told the "Dallas Times Herald" that Lee Harvey Oswald's transfer would be placed in the custody of Sheriff J.E. Bill Decker on November 24, 1963. He also was reported that he revealed the time of…


Walthers with Hartman next to “bullet” in Dealey Plaza
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