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kellerman youngblood.jpg
Kellerman, Youngblood, and LBJ

Kellerman Bubbletop.png
Kellerman wanting to have the bubbletop on the car

more than 3 shots.png
Kellerman believed there were more than 3 shots!

Kellerman's tesitomy

kellerman staring at JFK.jpg
A photograph of Kellerman standing behind and starting intensely at JFK

kellerman swearing in.jpg
Roy Kellerman is seen in the back of the photo with the side of his face showing

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 3.05.04 PM.png
An account of Kellerman testimony in the NARA file about the JFK assassination

This image displays the three Secret Service Agents walking together in suits (black and white).

kellerman car pic.jpg
The following photo is a picture of Roy H. Kellerman, a secret service agent who was sitting in the front seat of the presidential car, next to Agent Greer at the time of the president's assassination
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