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The Secret Service Agents


O'Donnell, Powers, Youngblood, Kellerman, and Greer were all present during the motorcade shooting, were involved at Parkland Memorial Hospital, and witnessed the swearing-in of LBJ. Kenneth O'Donnell was the Special Assistant to the President, sometimes referred to as the Presidential Appointment Secretary. Although he was White House staff, not Secret Service, he was responsible for coordinating the Texas trip with the Secret Service. O'Donnell co-wrote a JFK memoir with David Powers, who was Special Assistant and Assistant Apppointments Secretary to the President. He was riding in the car directly behind the President during the assassination. Powers was a close confidant of JFK, and the President never traveled without him. Powers was often the first person he'd see in the morning and the last person he'd see at night. Rufus Youngblood was the head of the Vice Presidential detail in charge of protecting Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. He was the only United States Secret Service agent in the Vice Presidential car on the day of the assassination and is known for his heroic protection of VP Johnson. He, too, wrote a memoir about his political experiences. Roy Kellerman was the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of Shift Team #3 and charged with protecting the President, John F. Kennedy. He sat in the passenger seat of the President's car. William Greer was the driver of the Presidential limousine responsible for the transportation and coordination of the Dallas parade. Many of these brave men also served during World War II.

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