Lieutenant J.C. Day's Investigation Involvement

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Lieutenant J.C. Day's Investigation Involvement


Lieutenant J.C. Day's investigation involvement in the Texas School Book Depository


Lieutenant J.C. Day was heavily involved in the investigation of Lee Harvey Oswald's alleged assassination of President John. F. Kennedy. As a lieutenant of the Dallas Police Department, Day played a key role in the investigation that took place at the Texas School Depository Building. From recording fingerprints to handling the rifle, Day was heavily involved in this investigation. For instance, he had complete access to the crime scene within one hour of the assassination taking place. In his testimony, Day suggests that as a lieutenant his has the capability of going "to the scene of the crime, take photographs, check for fingerprints, collect any other evidence that might be available, and primarily we are to assist the investigators with certain technical parts of the investigation." Also throughout his testimony his discussed that he was very well equipped to use the equipment they used for the investigation, after having well over 15 years of experience with the equipment.


Tyler Staton


November 22, 1963


Tyler Staton

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