Lieutenant J.C. Day discovers fingerprints

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Lieutenant J.C. Day discovers fingerprints


Upon finding fingerprints on the cardboard boxes, J.C. Day acknowledged the importance of recording the fingerprints for the investigation.


In his testimony Day states:
Mr. DAY. I placed a piece of transparent tape, ordinary Scotch tape, which we use for fingerprint work, over the developed palmprint.
Mr. BELIN. And then what did you do?
Mr. DAY. I tore the cardboard from the box that contained the palmprint.
Mr. BELIN. Then what did you do?
Mr. DAY. The box was left in its position, but the palmprint was taken by me to the identification bureau.
Mr. BELIN. Did you make any identification of it?
Mr. DAY. Yes, sir. Later that night when I had a chance to get palmprints from Lee Harvey Oswald. I made a comparison with the palmprint off of the box, and determined that the palmprint on the box was made by the right palm of Lee Harvey Oswald.


Lieutenant J.C. Day Testimony



Tyler Staton

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