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Diagram of the 6th floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository. Includes markings made by Bonnie Ray Williams during his Warren Commission testimony, which indicate his location and that of Oswald.

kellerman youngblood.jpg
Kellerman, Youngblood, and LBJ

Bonnie Ray Williams's social network, according to his Key Persons file.

Kellerman Bubbletop.png
Kellerman wanting to have the bubbletop on the car

more than 3 shots.png
Kellerman believed there were more than 3 shots!

Black-and-white photo of Bonnie Ray Williams (left) and Harold Norman (right) looking out their respective windows from the fifth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository. The window above Norman (upper right, indicated by a black arrow) is the…

Black-and-white photo of Bonnie Ray Williams taken from House Select Committee on Assassinations Mug Book.

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Description of Kellerman's death

Speed Graflex.jpg
Speed Graflex 4 x 5 camera. "Graflex cameras, made by the Folmer Schwing Company of Rochester, New York (later purchased by Eastman Kodak) were the preferred cameras of photojournalists and wartime correspondents for much of the early to…
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