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youngblood family.jpg
Rufus Youngblood, right, stands with his wife Peggy and four children, all smiling.

The 6th Floor Museum in Dallas, Texas recreation of the 6th floor at the time of the shoot on Nov. 22, 1963. The recreation demonstrates the boxes's ability to hide the shooter.

oswald shirt.png
These are two photographs of the shirt that Lee Harvey Oswald was wearing when he was apprehended and arrested inside the Texas Theater. The shirt was an exhibit in the Warren Commission (Exhibit # 150) and is held by the National Archives as a…

An image of the revolver found on Lee Harvey Oswald when he was arrested at the Texas Theater. The object was used as part of the Warren Commission (Exhibit 143) and was transferred to the National Archives' custody in 1964 . The revolver is a Smith…

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Mr. BELIN. Who held the rifle while you looked at it with the glass?
Mr. DAY. I held it.
Mr. BELIN. In one hand?
Mr. DAY. One hand, using the glass with the other.
Mr. BELIN. How did you try to process the live round for prints?
Mr. DAY. With…

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38 cartridges.png
This is a photograph of the four live .38 Special cartridges that the Dallas Police Officers found on Lee Harvey Oswald the day of his arrest. The photograph was taken as part of the Warren Commission; the cartridges together as an artifact were…

Texas Theater Schedule.png
"A paper schedule showing movie times for the Texas Theatre for the week of November 21-27, 1963.

The schedule refers to two main features: "Cry Battle" starring Van Heflin and Rita Moreno and "War Is Hell" starring Tony Russell and Judy Day. It…

A colorized photo of the Texas School Book Depository from a southwest angle showing mourners and gatherers.

TSBD 6th Floor Diagram.png
This is an image of the Texas School Book Depository elevator diagram used by Warren Commision and Police. This is the same elevator Jack Dougherty was supposedly standing by when he heard the shots.

metapth337402_m_DSMA_91-001-1150002-4073_01.med_res 2.jpg
Texas School Book Depository circa 1963

Studebaker Testimony.jpg
FBI Testimony by R. L. Studebaker in which he accounts for his search of the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository on November 22, 1963, immediately following the assassination of President Kennedy. He accounts for finding lunch items that…

Mr. BELIN. Were you on duty on November 22, 1963?
Mr. DAY. Yes, sir.
Mr. BELIN. Could you describe your activities from about noon on of that day?
Mr. DAY. I was in the identification bureau at the city hall. About a quarter of one I was in the…

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The testimony of Forrest V. Sorrels was taken at 1 p.m., on May 6, 1964, at 200 Maryland Avenue NE., Washington, D.C., by Messrs. Burr W. Griffin, Leon D. Hubert, Jr., and Samuel A. Stern, assistant counsel of the President's Commission. Fred B.…

Within this Memo, Melvin A. Eisenberg requesting further questioning and a Warren Commission testimony. This is done because Eisenberg does not believe the two prior testimonies by Dougherty. There was to much conflict between the statements for…
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