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Walker’s account of Tippit’s murder scene

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A map created through the ZeeMaps tool. A combination of addresses from the Secret Service FBI folders found on the NARA Catalogue. (Some of the addresses that were more "irrelevant" to the Secret Service group were removed.) The first close-up…

SNA O'D.png
I created this social network analysis graph by using 50-60 pairs of names from the Kenneth O’Donnell FBI folder and inputting them into Palladio. Kenneth O’Donnell was the Special Assistant to the President (JFK). O’Donnell’s node is the largest in…

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A word cloud made from the transcription of the file

Captain Fritz summarizes the case on Oswald.mp4
Fritz answers a CBS reporter's questions regarding the murder of President Kennedy and Officer J.D. Tippit by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Williams recalled seeing and hearing the assassination of President Kennedy. He stated that he heard three shots from above his place on the fifth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository.

LBJ and Youngblood at Kennedy's burial.jpg
Lyndon B. Johnson stands in the foreground at President Kennedy's burial with USSS Rufus Youngblood directly to his right.

kellerman swearing in.jpg
Roy Kellerman is seen in the back of the photo with the side of his face showing

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Jack Dougherty's Home Address of 1827 S. Marsalis St, Dallas Texas. Jack Commuted to work on the bus everyday. He lived with his mother and father.

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This is an image of a graph that maps out all of Jack Dougherty's social connections. The social connections displayed in the image are derived from the key person of interest file located in the National Archive under Jack Dougherty.

In this diagram you can see that Curry was a very connected man as the Chief of Police in Dallas, TX. He had many employees that he supervised especially during the JFK visit. As the Chief many relied on his judgments and supervision during the…


Photograph taken on the second floor of the Texas School Book Depository. The photograph features a lunch room. Lunch tables are pushed against the walls of the room. A kitchenette is situated in the right corner.

Photograph of the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. The photograph was taken in front of windows, near a sign reading "Stairway." Boxes are stacked in rows. The ceiling is supported by columns and rafters.

Statement made by William H. Shelley when brought to the Police department following following the assasination.

Moment of silence for Tippit.png
"Original 35mm black and white negative taken by an unidentified Dallas Times Herald staff photographer. This image shows Dallas Police officers in the Dallas Police Department headquarterson Monday, November 25, 1963, observing a moment of silence…
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