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Exhibit showing the tan suit and orangish shoes worn by James Robert "Jim" Leavelle, the Dallas police detective who escorted Lee Harvey Oswald, presumptive assassin of President John F. Kennedy. Dallas, Texas

This FBI document, included in Gerald Hill's Warren Commission Folder, deals entirely with the matter of a statement Hill made during his radio interview with Bob Whitten the evening of the assassination. Hill had claimed that it was possible that…

kellerman staring at JFK.jpg
A photograph of Kellerman standing behind and starting intensely at JFK

A map of the connections between the people mentioned in David Power's files at the National Archives

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This is a map made to show the different mentions of words in the National Archives files

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Shows the relationship JFK had to Powers

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The Zapruder film and the process in getting it developed

Fritz trend pic.png
Fritz’s name appears most often, however, "captain" appears almost simultaneously with "Fritz" until segment 8 during the discussion of Oswald's assassination

Fritz link pic.PNG
The thicker the grey line, the stronger the relationship is between the two words. The words in blue are the words that appeared most frequently and have the greatest number of ties to the other most frequently used words.

Fritz SNA original.PNG
Network shows Fritz's ties to key players in the investigation of President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald's deaths.

Fritz_Dallas police SNA.PNG
Network shows Fritz's ties to other Dallas police officers involved in the investigation of President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald's deaths. Connections among individual officers are also shown.

Sandbx Lab 6 Arresting Oswald.JPG
Connections of Bob K. Carroll and others in the FBI Folders of the police officers on the scene at Lee Harvey Oswald's arrest.

A map showing all the connections in Bob K. Carroll's FBI Folder to Lee Harvey Oswald.

A screenshot of 700 Main Street, Dallas Texas. This is where Bob K. Carroll was stationed on November 22, 1963.

motorcade .jpg
This is Bill Beal's first view of the approaching motorcade. The white car is Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry's personal vehicle and Secret Service agent Win Lawson rode with him in the passenger seat. Dallas County Sheriff Bill Decker sat behind…

Photograph of Marguerite Oswald in front of the Texas School Book Depository in March 1964. Mrs. Oswald is wearing all black and stands in the Grassy Knoll. Photographer Bill Winfrey took the photo after talking to Mrs. Oswald during the Jack Ruby…

Depicts Lee Harvey Oswald, handcuffed to detective James Leavelle, at the moment Jack Ruby jumped from the crowd and shot Oswald.

Page 4 of Walker’s Key Person file
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