Presidential Motorcade Photo

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Presidential Motorcade Photo


Original 35mm black and white negative taken by Dallas Times Herald staff photographer Bill Beal. This image shows the presidential motorcade on Main Street. The image was taken from a balcony at the Adolphus Hotel.


This is Bill Beal's first view of the approaching motorcade. The white car is Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry's personal vehicle and Secret Service agent Win Lawson rode with him in the passenger seat. Dallas County Sheriff Bill Decker sat behind Curry and Secret Service Special Agent Forrest Sorrels, who was based in Dallas, sat behind Lawson. - Gary Mack, Curator

This photo and the others taken from the Adolphus by Bill Beal is a remarkable photographic record for it shows people of all ages and races standing side by side waiting for that rare chance to see a president in person. Dallas Police and reporters estimated the crowd along the motorcade route was somewhere between 150-200,000 people, which was nearly half the population of the entire city of Dallas. Granted, some may have been more interested in seeing Jacqueline Kennedy than the president, but all took time out of their day to stand with others for a special moment. The Adolphus Hotel balcony was removed years ago, but the hotel, just west of the Main and Akard intersection, offered a superb view of both the motorcade and anxious Dallas residents. The assassination happened about two minutes after passing this spot. - Gary Mack, Curator

Since 1989, the Museum has recorded over 1,500 oral history interviews, many with Dallas motorcade spectators. The institution's ongoing Oral History Project continues to seek recollections on the life, death, and legacy of President Kennedy. If you recognize anyone in this photograph, or if you or someone you know caught a glimpse of President Kennedy in Dallas, please contact the Museum. - Stephen Fagin, Curator


Bill Beal


Dallas Times Herald


The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza




Carly Long


film; 15/16 x 1 7/16 in. (2.4 x 3.6 cm)



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