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20 Years in the Secret Service.jpg
The 1974 cover of the memoir written by Rufus Youngblood after his retirement.

movie depiction of sorrels.jpg
Still from the 2013 movie Parkland that dramatized event following JFK being shot, surrounding the activity within the Parkland Hospital

LBJ and Ladybird Speak with Rufus Youngblood .png
President Lyndon B. Johnson and First Lady Lady Bird Johnson (both in center) speak with Secret Service agent, Rufus Youngblood, upon arrival on the South Lawn from Dallas, Texas, via Andrews Air Force Base on the day of President Kennedy's…

Front Page NYT 11:28:63.png
This is the front page of the New York Times on Thanksgiving Day 1963, just six days after President Kennedy was assassinated. It includes a picture of the New President, Lyndon B Johnson, giving a speech to congress about how he wanted to continue…

Newspaper extract from the Orlando Sentinel under notable deaths

Forrest Sorrels.jpg
Portrait photograph of Secret Service Agent Forrest V. Sorrels at his desk.
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