The Investigators

Who Were They?

Chief Jesse Curry was the Chief of Dallas Police.  He was a main investigator in both President John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald's assassinations.  As Chief of Dallas Police, Curry was a main liaison between the press, government agencies, and witnesses.  

Lieutenant John Day was the Lieutenant of the Dallas Police Department. Day was one of the major investigators for the events that involved Lee Harvey Oswald. He mainly worked in the Texas School Book Depository, collecting evidence that would incriminate Oswald, such as fingerprints, and retrieving the rifle that was allegedly used to kill President Kennedy.

Captain John Fritz was the head of the Dallas Police Department’s Homicide and Robbery Bureau.  He led the investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy by ex-Marine Lee Harvey Oswald, as well as the subsequent assassination of Oswald by local nightclub owner Jack Ruby.  

Detective James Leavelle was a member of the Dallas Police Homicide Department. He was initially in charge of investigating the Tippit murder.  After Oswald was arrested, Leavelle helped question him and was later handcuffed to Oswald when Jack Ruby assassinated him.

Special Agent in Charge Forrest Sorrels was in charge of the Dallas Secret Service office from 1941 to 1969. He was one of the main agents involved in planning the motorcade route for JFK through Dallas. Sorrels also rode in the motorcade's lead car, which drove in front of the Presidential Limo. Sorrels also accompanied eyewitness Abraham Zapruder to The Eastman Kodak Company where the infamous "Zapruder film" was to be developed. After the assassination, he questioned both Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby. 


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