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K. E. Lyon

Kenneth Eugene Lyon

K. E. Lyon was a US Army veteran before he became a Dallas Police Officer. Lyon was present at the theatre during the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald.

At the time of the assassination, Lyon was assigned to the Patrol Division of the Dallas Police Force. He served under Deputy N. T. Fisher and Police Chief J. E. Curry. Lyon. On the day of the assassination, Lyon was assigned to guard the presidential motorcade. Each officer was assigned a block. Lyon was assigned the 1700 block of Main St. Officer B.K. Carroll, another member of the Special Service, was assigned to the 1100th block of the same street. Carroll and Lyon were searching for the murderer of officer J.D. Tippit on the 300 block of East Jefferson. When the two men heard a radio report, they headed to the Texas Theatre. The two men searched the balcony. While they were on the balcony another officer shouted that the suspect was on the lower floor. The two men descended the stairs. Lyon tripped and sprained his ankle while heading down the steps. Carroll, Lyons, and three other officers took Oswald from the scene. Lyons rode in the passenger seat on the way to City Hall with Oswald and four other officers. Lyons did not sign the initial police report because himself and another officer decided to visit the hospital after Oswald was delivered.

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