The Arrest of Oswald

These five Dallas Police Department officers were incredibly essential to the story of November 22, 1963: all five of them were on the scene at the Texas Theater, where someone had called in having seen the suspect in the slaying of Officer J.D. Tippit in Oak Cliff. While the officers did not necessarily know it at the time, they were also catching the suspect in President Kennedy's assassination just slightly earlier that day. 

Kenneth Eugene Lyon "K.E. Lyon" Lyon was a patrolman assigned to the parade route. He was responding to a call to find Tippit's murderer when he arrived at the Theatre. Lyon was in the Theatre at the time of the arrest, which was within earshot of his location.

Eddie Raymond "Buddy" Walthers was one of the first officers to arrive in Dealey Plaza following the assassination of President Kennedy. Walthers was also involved in the Texas Theater arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald and the investigation of the Ruth Paine boarding house where Oswald's family was staying.

Charles Truman "C.T." Walker was a patrolman who responded to the assassination of President Kennedy, helped screen people entering and exiting the Texas School Book Depository, investigated the shooting of Officer J.D. Tippit, and took part in the Texas Theater arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Robert "Bob" Carroll was a detective for Dallas Police Department and is known for his involvement in the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald. Carroll was one of the first members of the department to the Texas Theatre to arrest Oswald. Carroll was also involved in investigating Jack Ruby and the link between Ruby's murder of Oswald and Oswald's murder of President Kennedy.

Gerald Lynn "Jerry" Hill is notable for having been at nearly every major scene of action that day, from the Texas School Book Depository to the Tippit murder scene to the Texas Theater, and for having possession of Oswald's gun for the longest amount of time. 


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